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The skull and crown of Swedish 12th century Erik the Saint

The skull and crown of Swedish 12th century King Erik IX, called Erik the Saint, are displayed in Uppsala Cathedral in Sweden on Wednesday April 23, 2014. Researchers from Uppsala University have opened a small gilded box containing the skull and bones of Swedish King Erik IX, who became a national saint after he was murdered in 1160. The researchers also removed the king’s burial crown, which is the oldest known royal crown in Sweden, to display it to the public for the first time. (AP Photo/Bertil Ericson)

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Ludwig Van Beethoven?
Friedrich Nietzsche?
Salvador Dalí?
Anthony Burguess?/”A Clockwork Orange”
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Will Connell  - Chorus line, 1937

Thedra Bara
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Moschino Fall 2014
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